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Why Wait?

Property Market

We are enjoying an unprecedented level of buyer demand in our local market. Never before have we seen such large numbers of people at our open for inspections and genuinely … more »

Renovating to achieve a higher return



In recent times we have found tenants on the Northern Beaches to be more choosy about the … more »

Stamp Duty


As reported in the August Real Estate Institute Journal we thought you might find it interesting that the NSW government enjoys stamp duty revenue of almost $6 billion from the … more »

Tax savings for investors

Property Investment

Four out of every five property investors are missing out on major tax rebates by forgetting to claim certain items. According to BMT tax depreciation here are the top 10 … more »

May News

Property Market

We are surrounded by negative press about our economy and bombarded with doomsday prophecies regarding world markets.

Firstly, we have all experienced this beforeā€¦ it is nothing new. And secondly it … more »