Application for Tenancy

  • Premises:

  • Personal Information:

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Employment History:

  • Current Employment:

  • Previous Employment:

  • Emergency Contact: (in case of an emergency, details of a relative or friend)

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Personal References:

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Tenancy History:

  • Current tenancy information:

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Previous tenancy information:

  • Contact Numbers:

  • Occupancy Details:

  • Number of persons who will occupy the property:

  • Details of Rental:

  • Please ensure that all sections of the application are completed and correct before submitting them to Sweetnams Real Estate.

    Once all three pages of this application are complete you may submit them to Sweetnams Real Estate via the following means:

    In person: Sweetnams Real Estate 375 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW 2093
    Via facsimile: (02) 9948 5485
    Via email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

    If you have any queries please contact our office on (02) 9949 2911

    I (the applicant) confirm that all information provided in this application is true and correct and acknowledge and consent that a representative of Sweetnams Real Estate will verify personal, employment and tenancy history references provided in this application.

    I (the applicant) am aware that should I be approved for tenancy at the above premises I will be required to pay one weeks rent immediately as a reservation fee. After paying this reservation fee I agree and am aware that should I decide not to occupy the premises for any reason the reservation fee will not be returned to me. I also agree that upon signing the tenancy agreement that there will be initial fees of: Rental bond: equal to four weeks rent: $ Rent: equal to two weeks rent: $ Residential Tenancy Agreement preparation fee: fifteen dollars: $15.00 Less reservation fee: equal to one week rent: - $ Total: $

    I (the applicant) declare that I have inspected the above-mentioned premises and wish to take tenancy for such premises for the period and amount of rent per week that I have outlined above and confirm that the rental to be paid is within my means.

    I am aware that the deposit equal to one week rent that I am submitting with this application is refundable only if I am not the successful applicant. I understand that if I am approved for tenancy and, if for any reason I cannot proceed, I will not be refunded the amount equal to the number of days lapsed (proportionate to the advertised weekly rate) from the date I submitted my application/deposit. The balance (less the rate for the days lapsed) will be refunded.

    Privacy Policy: The personal information the prospective tenant provides in this application or collected from other sources is necessary for the Agent to verify the Applicant’s identity, to process and evaluate the application and to manage the tenancy. Personal information collected about the Applicant in this application and during the course of the tenancy if the application is successful may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including to the landlord, referees, other agents and third party operators of tenancy databases. Information already held on tenancy databases may also be disclosed to the Agent and/or landlord. If the applicant enters into a Residential Tenancy Agreement, and if the Applicant fails to comply with their obligations under that agreement, that fact or other relevant personal information collected about the Applicant during the course of the tenancy may also be disclosed to the landlord, third party operators of tenancy reference databases and/or other agents. If the Applicant would like to access the personal information the Agent holds, they can do so by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this application. The Applicant can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date. If the information is not provided the Agent may not be able to process the application and manage the tenancy.
  • Further identification and deposit…

    Please ensure you provide at least a copy of photo identification with your application (we will not process any application without this). As well as this we also welcome any further information you wish to provide us with. Please be aware that supplying us with as much information as possible will help your application greatly. Examples of suitable forms as follows:

    • o Drivers License
    • o Passport
    • o Birth Certificate
    • o Current copies of bills (ie. electricity, mobile phone, gas, council rates, strata levies etc.)
    • o Medicare Card
    • o Credit and Bank Cards
    • o Reference letters from current or previous landlords/leasing agents
    • o Bank account statements

    Should you not have access to a photocopier you are able to attend our office and we would be pleased to make copies of anything you would like to include with your application. Please note our office is open as follows:

    Monday 9am-5pm

    Tuesday 9am-5pm

    Wednesday 9am-5pm

    Thursday 9am-5pm

    Friday 9am-5pm

    Saturday 9am-12pm

  • UTILITY CONNECTIONS – This is a free service that connects your utilities

  • This is a free service that will save you hours of time on the phone.

    Fast Connect Privacy Policy
    To provide application lodgment services to our customers (you) it is necessary to collect certain information about you. You may choose not to supply some or all of the information requested by Fast Connect (us/we), however this may prevent us providing part or all of our services to you. In collecting, storing and dealing with information about you Fast Connect comply with all current state and federal privacy legislation. Compliance is based on the following principles: Information is requested from yourself or your authorised representative for the purpose of lodging applications on your behalf for services/supply with service providers nominated by you. All information collected is necessary to provide services/supply by Fast Connect and nominated providers.

    Should you have any queries, please direct them to our office on (02) 9949 2911.