Yorick Sweetnam
Array ( [user_id] => 62575 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Yorick Sweetnam [position_for_display] => Principal & Auctioneer [mobile] => 0413 739 974 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Principal and licensee of the company began his real estate career in 1988 with L.J Hooker at Neutral Bay, then joined his father when the business commenced.

Having purchased the business from his father in 2005, Yorick has expanded the business by firstly acquiring the Mark Hansen First National Office which was located next door to Sweetnams. He then purchased the long established Manly firm Mackellar Real Estate.

He is now one of the most experienced negotiators in the local real estate world and relates skillfully, warmly and honestly to everyone with whom he comes into contact.

"One of my greatest challenges is to find the best people who typify the same ethics and culture that Sweetnams is built upon. This is to ensure our clients are provided with the best possible chance of achieving their desired goals and dreams"

Yorick and his wife Rachel live locally with their two daughters Amy and Gemma.

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  • Yorick Sweetnam

  • Principal & Auctioneer
Loris Filacuridi
Array ( [user_id] => 62576 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Loris Filacuridi [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0419 227 435 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Having worked in various sales and marketing positions, including National Sales Manager with Iberia Airlines, of Spain, Tour operators, Consolidators and Thredbo Ski Resort, Loris began his real estate career with Richardson and Wrench at Balgowlah Heights on Sydney’s North Shore, in 1998. His highly developed negotiation and interpersonal skills had an instant impact in real estate sales, receiving several sales achievement awards and after only one year was made Licensee.

Loris joined Sweetnams in 2002. His enthusiastic, friendly and professional manner has earned him the respect of an ever increasing number of clients both here and overseas. He has achieved outstanding sales results with integrity, trust and years of experience in various commercial fields. Born in Milan, Italy, Loris is bilingual and is continually recommended through ‘word of mouth’ by his delighted vendors. He is an exceptional negotiator with outstanding people skills.

Loris holds a Bachelor of Business degree from UTS and is a Justice of the Peace. He and his wife live locally with their two children.

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  • Loris Filacuridi

  • Licensed Agent
Harvey Garnett
Array ( [user_id] => 63486 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Harvey Garnett [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0412 962 322 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => At the peak of his career he was a senior executive of one of Australia’s big four banks, having previously headed the European operation based in London.

Harvey's responsibilities within the bank included overview management of a commercial property portfolio in excess of $8 billion.

Having worked with Sweetnams for 20 years, Harvey brings a level of experience rarely matched by any of our local competitors.

Harvey lives in a delightful home on Eastern Hill. [group] => [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
  • Harvey Garnett

  • Licensed Agent
Sandra  Good
Array ( [user_id] => 81210 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => 02 9948 5485 [business_phone] => 02 9902 5000 [name] => Sandra Good [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Sandra and Gordon Sweetnam worked together nearly 30 years ago at Derrin Bros in Balgowlah. While Gordon left to start Sweetnams Real Estate, Sandra stayed on to then take over and acquire Derrin Bros, changing its name to North Harbour Real Estate. For many years Sandra, and her husband Peter, successfully operated from their prime position on the corner of Condamine Street and Sydney Road.

Now at Sweetnams, we, landlords and vendors all benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge that she has gained during her illustrious career.

Sandra is a person who gets things done! She is the ultimate professional and a delight to be around. Her unwaivering ethics, desire to succeed and commitment to both the industry and her clients are obvious from the moment you meet her.

Sweetnams are all the better for having Sandra as part of their team and we commend her to you should you be thinking of leasing or selling your property.
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  • Sandra Good

  • Licensed Agent
Jeremy Coulson
Array ( [user_id] => 176758 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => [name] => Jeremy Coulson [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0414 796 922 [facebook_username] => sweetnamsrealestate [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Jeremy has many years of real estate sales experience. He was area manager of Your Move, running 4 branches in the south of England up until 2003, when he and his family wisely made the move to sunny Sydney. Jeremy then worked at Elders Manly Vale and Dee Why before going into business for himself. Working now as RK Real Estate he successfully works in conjunction with Sweetnams to deliver outstanding results time and again.

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  • Jeremy Coulson

  • Licensed Agent
Steven Forshaw
Array ( [user_id] => 197431 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9949 2911 [name] => Steven Forshaw [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0411 607 711 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => [group] => Sales Agent [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 0 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
  • Steven Forshaw

  • Licensed Agent
Rob Hedges
Array ( [user_id] => 204598 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 02 9902 5000 [name] => Rob Hedges [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0417 268 779 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Licensed agent Rob Hedges believes exceptional communication, outstanding service and an empathy with buyers and sellers are essential to archive a premium result.

403 Mona Vale Road
Sold at auction

"Very intense morning....had the house up for auction .. lucky our awesome Agent & Auctioneer Mr Rob Hedges sold the place $50K over our "wish price"!. Ring Rob to sell your home anywhere he came from Manly and sold ours for a record price in St Ives he also did the same at Mona Vale 20 years ago. We are so happy it sold so quickly and for a great price - if you are serious about selling property I can highly recommend Rob Hedges. Nice one Rob can't thank you enough" - Paul
"I can't agree more with Paul - Rob does a fantastic job. Anyone selling a home in any location who wants to deal with a professional, honest and easy to deal with agent should have a chat with Rob. He won't let you down and likely to exceed all expectations!" Sara
Paul & Sara Rumble

“Achieving the best possible price comes from an understanding of the marketplace and the people” says Rob. “I tailor my advice and support so that my clients can confidently move forward through the process and remain informed every step of the way.”
Rob’s ability to deliver the goods under pressure in all market conditions is evidenced by a consistently maintained 90%+ auction success rate over a 25 year property career.

Up front, open and with a passion to deliver the best possible outcomes for his clients, Rob’s friendly and relaxed manner disguises clinical negotiation skills and his determination ensures consistent delivery of outstanding sale results.

Rob Hedges is a dedicated and highly skilled professional who delivers results.
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  • Rob Hedges

  • Licensed Agent
Darren Wildash
Array ( [user_id] => 204599 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 02 9902 5000 [name] => Darren Wildash [position_for_display] => Licensed Agent [mobile] => 0411 526 090 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => "Being active in the local community means that maintaining the highest possible professional reputation is critical. I set myself and my team impeccable standards and require complete commitment and dedication." Darren Wildash was the sales powerhouse behind Lanchester Wildash Estate Agents, Manly and leads his entire team by example. Since commencing his real estate career in 1990, Darren has developed a wealth of experience and an extraordinary depth of knowledge about the property market with a particular emphasis on the local area. Darren has forged an exceptional reputation for credibility and integrity together with one for the delivery of outstanding results.
Darren is highly respected and widely recognised as a leading performer in the Manly Warringah area and is a role model and mentor for many career minded real estate professionals. He is consistently amongst the Top 10 achievers in the group. According to Darren, "Having lived locally all my life is a critical factor behind my success." I also have close connections with a variety of sporting and social clubs in the area and have dealings with several generations of the same family. It is not unusual for me to regularly see my clients in the street or at social functions. "I have built a valuable reputation over many years in the area and need to perform at the highest level to ensure that my reputation is never tarnished. Importantly, I need to have a team around me that aspires to the same levels of service and settles for nothing less than the highest standards."
For Darren, the business of real estate is much more than dealing with property. Darren realises that for most people buying or selling real estate can be a significant event in their lives and is often highly charged with emotion. "Strong interpersonal skills are the key to any successful relationship, particularly when you are dealing with people's homes. Sound, honest communication and the ability to reason calmly and logically are certainly an important aspect of our success. It is also vital that we are flexible and cater to the individual needs of all our clients. Of course, good old fashioned hard work is imperative to survive in such a cut throat world," says Darren.
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  • Darren Wildash

  • Licensed Agent
Jonathon Perez
Array ( [user_id] => 164108 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Jonathon Perez [position_for_display] => Sales Associate [mobile] => 0410 564 595 [facebook_username] => jonathon.sweetnams [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Jonathon first caught the real estate bug in his fathers firm in Dulwich Hill. Joining us over 2 years ago, he honed his skills in Property Management and naturally moved into Sales where his enthusiasm and desire to succeed is relentless. 

His desire to surpass his clients expectations, along with his dedication to a professional & ethical approach is key when offering his clients the highest degree of customer service. 

Drawn to real estate because he loves helping people transition between important stages of their lives, Jonathon prides himself on his accessibility to clients and he thoroughly enjoys working as a part of the Sweetnams Real Estate team.

Should you be looking for a tenacious go getter to represent you, Jonathon is at the forefront of the next generation of real estate salespeople.
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  • Jonathon Perez

  • Sales Associate
Jessica  Portos
Array ( [user_id] => 170104 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Jessica Portos [position_for_display] => Property Manager [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => We have had the immense good fortune to inherit Jess with the
acquisition of North Harbour Real Estate. Jess is a licensed real estate agent and joined us with 5 years experience. As a Property Manager she enjoys terrific relationships with our landlords and tenants.

Jess has an infectious, bubbly personality and is an absolute “letting machine”. We are thrilled she is with us. It feels like Jess has been a part of the Sweetnams family/team forever.
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  • Jessica Portos

  • Property Manager
Tasneem Gadiwala
Array ( [user_id] => 162321 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 02 9902 5000 [name] => Tasneem Gadiwala [position_for_display] => Property Manager [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Tasneem has seamlessly blended into the Sweetnams' team environment, providing clients with excellent communication & property management services. She believes in open communication and ongoing feedback so her clients are fully aware of how their property is progressing throughout the tenancy.

When dealing with Tas, you will vouch for her experience, helpful manner and tireless work ethic to ensure that your property is looked after as if it were her own.

Tas calls Seaforth ‘home’, has an in-depth understanding of our unique market conditions and matched with her superior customer service skills she is able to deliver landlords a rare perspective into the wellbeing of their prized investment property.
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  • Tasneem Gadiwala

  • Property Manager
Mason (James) Mason
Array ( [user_id] => 204234 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Mason (James) Mason [position_for_display] => Property Manager [mobile] => 0427 080 057 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Mason is an understanding, personable professional who puts both his tenants and landlords at ease and ensures a stress-free rental process for all parties involved. As a proud Northern Beaches local who likes to get involved in the community, he loves working in the area that he knows and loves and thrives on the unique lifestyle and neighbourly spirit. Dealing efficiently with the day to day challenges of his dynamic role, Mason takes enormous pride in providing an exceptional service for his clients, consistently going the extra mile to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for all. [group] => Property Manager [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 0 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
  • Mason (James) Mason

  • Property Manager
Jessica  Crouch
Array ( [user_id] => 81209 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => 02 9948 5485 [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Jessica Crouch [position_for_display] => Property Manager [mobile] => [facebook_username] => jess.sweetnams [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Jessica comes to us from Canberra with certificates in Front-line Management and Business Administration.

We are thrilled she is here as she came to us via direct recommendation having excelled in her previous position.
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  • Jessica Crouch

  • Property Manager
Rachel Sweetnam
Array ( [user_id] => 71740 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => [name] => Rachel Sweetnam [position_for_display] => [mobile] => 0411 755 161 [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => The boss’ wife, so therefore the Real Boss. We need say no more!

Rachel is a true local born in Manly hospital, schooled at Manly West Primary and Mackellar Girls High School. There is nothing she doesn’t know about the area, growing up when you could still ride a bike without a helmet and sunscreen meant some white zinc on your nose. And there is seemingly no one she doesn’t know.

Rachel is a great friend to many, effervescent and fun to be around, fantastic for the culture of our office and it is obvious to all, Yorick’s good fortune to have met and married her. [group] => [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
  • Rachel Sweetnam

Roslyn Farr
Array ( [user_id] => 62577 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Roslyn Farr [position_for_display] => Office Manager [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => Roslyn joined Sweetnams in its first year. She is our office Manager, a Justice of the peace and so much more! Ros is the heart and soul of Sweetnams Real Estate. To put it simply our office wouldn’t function without her.

Roslyn’s organisational abilities; experience and knowledge of the industry is unrivalled. As a person she is wonderful, caring and giving, a truly exceptional friend to us all.

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  • Roslyn Farr

  • Office Manager
Sweetnams Real Estate
Array ( [user_id] => 59968 [office_id] => 3333 [email] => [email protected] [fax] => [business_phone] => 9902 5000 [name] => Sweetnams Real Estate [position_for_display] => [mobile] => [facebook_username] => [twitter_username] => [linkedin_username] => [description] => [group] => [vcard_title] => [vcard_path] => [video_url] => [video_embed] => [audio] => [display] => 1 [display_on_team_page] => 1 [photo] => [photo_landscape] => [big_landscape] => [url] => )
  • Sweetnams Real Estate