Dear Yorick, I would like to thank you very much for your help recently in selling our property – 40 Consul Road, Brookvale. Myself, Colin & John were upset at having to sell, we weren’t exactly the happiest of people, however we were very impressed and pleased with how you put our package together and spent the time to explain everything in detail to us. The auction went exactly to plan and we were extremely pleased and happy with the end result. It was also pleasing to know that a young family will eventually live on the property. Thank you Yorick once again, it was a pleasure to deal with you and your friendly staff.

- Lorraine, Colin & John

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate and respect Yorick's honesty and his approach to business. That is why we've been with Sweetnams for over 10 years and why we'll continue to use them for any future real estate requirements. My feelings were recently validated when we were dealing with another agent on the purchase of our new property - their tactics and ruthlessness both shocked and offended me - and will absolutely ensure that I never deal with them again. So thank you Sweetnams, for offering an alternative.

- Victoria Milner

Yorick Sweetnam has guided the sale amazingly in every way! We first chose Yorick some years ago to handle the sale of our property. Every single obstruction and difficulty was thrown at us by council etc and the process took 3+ years. Yorick was always there for us and particularly as a war widow, I always felt there was no pushiness nor impatience. He was there for advice and encouragement through thick and thin through the DA processes and council incompetence and dragging their chain. I wanted someone with maturity and a lifetime of experience in local real estate as I knew there would not be a match for me with the brashness of the younger agents I have met elsewhere. Yorick's interaction with us was the most seamless and perfect part of the process (and my surveyor as well). He was always cheerful and calm but knew instinctively when buttons had to be pressed and activated. Thank you Yorick. You have been totally amazing and sincere and deepest appreciation from me and my children. You are truly the best agent anyone could choose and we are so thankful we did.

- Beth Brosgarth

Having had a number of years experience in the real estate industry myself, Linda and I decided that you were the only one to call when it came time to sell. We were truly impressed with your friendly, professional and straight forward approach & advice throughout the whole selling process resulting in an exceptional Auction and very successful outcome. Your Charisma and skill as a leading auctioneer was both impressive and engaging. A huge word of thanks to you.

- Scott & Linda Manuel

Yorick Sweetnam's personable and straightforward communication with buyers and sellers, his feel for local market conditions, his sensitivity to the individual needs and concerns of everyone involved in property transactions, combined with an efficient follow-up and follow-through of his admin support team, created a relatively stress-free property marketing and auction experience for us, the final outcome of which exceeded our expectations.

- Chris & Peter Arndt

As I reside in Switzerland, I left the entire management of this process to Sweetnams. The home was sold... before the planned auction date. ...highly recommend both Yorick and Sweetnams to other property owners.

- Peter Nicklin

Without hesitation we recommend Sweetnams as the agent for you. Loris and Yorick were unquestionably understanding and informative... the service they provide will undoubtedly be without equal.

- Caroline Cassidy and John Peters

The meeting we had the day before with you both about how the auction would unfold, went exactly as you said it would. A truly professional outcome. Thank you both.

- Linden and Carol Swan

I first met the team at Sweetnams about five years ago when I bought an investment property which later they subsequently sold for us. When it came to selling our own home they were the first people that we turned to. ...can be relied on for the integrity of their advice and the professionalism of their service.

- Peter Loftus

"from the first meeting you provided information that was honest and upfront" your professionalism never wavered.

- Elizabeth-Anne Banfield

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