Why Wait?

We are enjoying an unprecedented level of buyer demand in our local market. Never before have we seen such large numbers of people at our open for inspections and genuinely searching for property.

Our recent sales in the last 10 days which have all sold well in advance of the reserve price are testament to this;

2 Boyle Street, Balgowlah $3,110,000


9 Alma Street, Clontarf $1,691,000


19 Hill Street, Queenscliff $3,210,000

19 Hill St 21ab

These were all $100’s of thousands above our expectations.

There is a trend for some owners to hold off listing their property for sale in the belief that the market will continue to skyrocket.

This may be true but in our long term experience we have seen booms come and go. Owners who have benefited are those who time their sale when demand is high and supply low. I personally wouldn’t wait. Once the media changes from its current positivity about our booming market to that of the “bubble bursting” and a more negative theme, you might just have missed the boat!!

When the current climate and sentiment shifts (and it happens in the blink of an eye) there will be an influx of listings and instead of sales of $200,000 and $300,000 above reserve, the prices will naturally settle to a more normal level.

Now I don’t know which week will bring the change, it could be months away, but it does make me think… why wait?

If you are considering selling please feel free to talk to us now.

Yorick Sweetnam

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